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      In 1993,Yue Cheng, who was one of the first national top ten lawyers, established Beijing Yue Cheng Law Firm, which was named by his own name. As a large and professional law firm, legal counsel has been recognized as its principal operations. Yue Cheng Law Firm has offices in Shanghai, Guangzhou,Shenzhen,Hangzhou,Nanjing,Xi’an,Chengdu,Chongqing,Ha’er’bin,Daqing and Sanya and has a representative office in New York.

      Yue Cheng Law Firm has about 160 practicing lawyers who have graduated from prestigious law schools in China and abroad and has 12 professional departments, which are divided by practicing areas.

      Office area of Yue Cheng Law Firm is more than 5,700 square meters and all own property rights. Recognized as one of the best working conditions in Beijing, Beijing office covers 2,200 square meters.

      Yue Cheng Law Firm has always believed and be adhere to the next six guiding principles over the past twenty five years:
      1. Legal counsel is its primary business and its core competitiveness.
      2. Lawyers should work in office everyday and be paid monthly according to payroll system, which means that Yue Cheng Law Firm has really achieved company management.
      3. The Three Characteristics of its legal services: specialized division of labor, all staffbeing ready to serve and public charging standard.
      4. Yue Cheng Law Firm abides by the next three principles:no rebates, noreference fees and no seeking for relationshipsto the back door; this law firm firmly believes that a lawsuit shall win by facts, evidence and lawrather than by looking for relationships.
      5. Yue Cheng Law Firm initiates the spirit of Chinese lawyers: the rule of law,justice, shouldering responsibilitiesand being rational.
      6. Yue Cheng Law Firm firstly advocates the moving service ,which is its legal service standards.

      Yue Cheng Law Firm has served for more than 520 organizations as perennial legal counsel, such as Chinese Peasants and Workers Democratic Party, China International Publishing Group, Guang Ming Daily and Qiushi Magazine which is rare all over the country. Yue Cheng Law Firm could be sure and capable ofachieving the goal of serving for a thousand enterprises and making the first Chinese legal counsel brand.

      Over the past twenty five years, Yue Cheng Law Firm has undertook more than 21,000 cases cumulatively,modified more than 92,600 contracts, received more than 314,700 consultations and published 15 legal monographs.

      Yue Cheng Law Firm attaches great importance to cultural construction, andthe law firm instructions, the couplets on the door, cultural corridor, board newspaper, the famous aphorisms hung on the wall, magazines and specialized periodicals published, appearance requirementsand 15 legal monographs published all show its culture.

      Yue Cheng Law Firm is very enthusiastic about public welfare. Attorney Yue Cheng donated 5 million yuan (donations up to 8 million yuan) to celebrate the 20th anniversary of this law firm. Yue Cheng Law Firm has established scholarships in 26 Schools of Law of Peking University, Tsinghua University, Renmin University of China, China University of Political Science and Law and so on. Until April 2017, there were 302 teachers and 749 students awarded.
      Yue Cheng Law Firm has safeguarded the rights and interests for Beijing’ migrant workers from Heilongjiang province free of charge.
      Yue Cheng Law Firm has maintainedthe rights and interests for the Capital university graduates in terms of employment for free;
      Since its establishment, Yue Cheng Law Firm has represented about 2,300 legal aid cases free of charge.
      Until now, Yue Cheng Law Firm has organized 198 publicly good legal lecture halls, which are once every two weeks and will be held in a long run.

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